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aluminum block plate 6061-T6

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Introduction of aluminum block plate 6061-T6
aluminum block plate 6061-T6 is the most commonly used product of 6 series aluminum plate, which belongs to aluminum magnesium silicon alloy. The most commonly used on the market are T6, T5, T651 and other states
 6061-T6 aluminum block

The production process of aluminum block plate 6061-T6
First of all, in the production process, 2, 6 and 7 series aluminum plate products can be quenched to increase the strength of the aluminum plate. Quenching means heating the aluminum alloy plate product to a certain temperature and then cooling it suddenly to achieve the required hardness of the product. This is the process that both T5 and T6 need to go through. The difference is that the 6061 aluminum block  means that the aluminum plate is instantly cooled with water after reaching high temperature, so that the aluminum plate reaches the required hardness. But T5 is to use air cooling to cool down quickly after high temperature to achieve the required hardness. From the time point of view, T6 water cooling, that is, the time required for artificial aging is shorter, but the natural aging of T5 air cooling takes 2-3 days. However, in application, the hardness of T6 is higher than that of T5, and the price per ton should be increased accordingly.

        In addition, the aluminum block 6061 T651 commonly used in the market requires an additional drawing process. Because T651 is often used by customers for subsequent processing such as bending and deep drawing, the internal energy of the hot extrusion in the production of aluminum plates must be completely released by stretching. If not released, the surface of the aluminum plate may be bent and waved later.