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aluminum foam block

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Introduction of aluminum foam block
aluminum foam block is a brand-new strategic functional structural material. It is a foam-like ultra-light metal material with numerous pores dispersed in the metal aluminum matrix. It integrates multiple functions in one and has many excellent properties, such as permeability, Sound absorption, damping, vibration reduction, electromagnetic shielding, etc. At the same time, it also has good strength and stiffness mechanical properties, especially its unique response to compressive load characteristics, and has excellent energy absorption, is a Impact energy absorption and protection materials that are more excellent than polymer foam materials.

aluminum foam block
Method for preparing aluminum foam block
There are two main methods for preparing aluminum foam block: melt foaming method and bottom blowing method.
Melt foaming method: Add tackifier to aluminum liquid, add foaming agent after stirring evenly, and put it into a mold at a certain temperature for foaming. The specific technical key is: the temperature of adding the tackifier, the stirring effect of the agitator, the selection of the foaming temperature, the cooling method and so on. Based on the research of these key technologies, the industrial preparation of alloy foam aluminum sheet with different thickness of 600mm×1600mm×XA356 was realized.
Bottom blowing method: the gas is directly injected into the liquid metal through a special blowing device to produce foam to prepare a aluminum foam block of 500*500*400mm, pore size 8-15mm, and porosity 90-97%.
Application of aluminum foam block
Aluminum foam block have very broad application prospects in the fields of civil, industry, transportation, aviation, aerospace and military defense, and the scope of applications continues to expand