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5083 Aluminum JIG BLOCK

Last Updated :2023/06/13
Specifications of 5083 Aluminum JIG BLOCK
Alloy composition: 5083 alloy, in line with GB/T3190 or EN573-3 regulations
Material Properties Evaluation
Dimensional stability very good
Machinability very good
Corrosion resistance very good
Operating temperature range (long-term use °C / occasional use °C) 100/180
Surface Oxidation Properties (Technical Use / Decorative Use) Good / Not Applicable
Polishing performance is very good
food contact good

5083 Aluminum JIG BLOCK
Typical mechanical properties of 5083 Aluminum JIG BLOCK
Tensile Strength Rm MPa (N/mm2) 220 - 300
Yield strength Rp 0.2 MPa (N/mm2) 110 - 140
Elongation A5 % A5 % 10-20
Brinell hardness HB HB 70-85
Typical physical properties of 5083 Aluminum JIG BLOCK
Density g/cm3 2.66
Thermal conductivity W/(mk) 110 - 140
Conductivity m/Ωmm2 16 - 19
Elastic modulus GPa 70
Thermal expansion coefficient *10-6 /K 24.2
Typical application of 5083 Aluminum JIG BLOCK
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Liquid crystal manufacturing equipment
Solar panel manufacturing equipment
Automation equipment panel
Various molds, fixtures, jigs, inspection tools, carriers, etc.